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Garage Door FAQs

Please review our frequently asked questions. If you have a question that’s not here, please feel free to contact us!

Question: My door won’t close with the remotes, or it goes down part way then opens up again. What is the problem? 
Answer: Try adjusting your photo eye sensors. Make sure both are have a solid light and that they are aligned with each other and clean.

Question: My door will only open a few feet then stops and is too heavy for me to lift it open on manual. 
Answer: It sounds like a broken torsion spring. Please call to schedule service.

Question: Can you replace the weather stripping on the bottom of my door? 
Answer: Yes, we can schedule service for a technician to come out and replace it, or you can pick it up in our shop and install it yourself. We recommend bringing in a sample of your current seal to match it up.

Question: How do I reprogram my remotes or outside keypad? 
Answer: Please call our office and we can email you reprogramming instructions for both.

Question: Can I insulate my current non-insulated door? 
Answer: Insulation kits are available for certain makes/models of doors. You can purchase over the counter, or we can order & install for you. Please call to discuss.

Question: I have a solid door and would like to make the top section glass, is this possible? 
Answer: Yes, we can replace just the top section with a glass section instead.

Question: One of the sections of my door is damaged. Do I have to replace the whole door? 
Answer: No, it is possible to replace just one or multiple sections of the door.

Question: What is the difference between a belt drive and chain drive opener? 
Answer: A belt drive machine is a much quieter and smoother operating machine, ideal if there is living space above the garage. Feel free to call to discuss more in depth.

Question: My remote doesn’t work. What should I do? 
Answer: Try changing the batteries, or the remote may need to be replaced.

Question: Can I buy replacement sections or a whole new door over the counter and install myself? 
Answer: No, we do not sell doors or sections over the counter.

Question: Will you install a garage door I purchased myself? 
Answer: No, we only furnish and install our own doors.

Question: Can you install a garage door opener I purchased? 
Answer: Yes, we will install an opener that you have purchased.


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