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Message About COVID-19

We will update this message as times and circumstances change. (Updated 9-1-2022) To our valued customers and community, Our showroom hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:30am until 3:30pm. Please wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated. You can call us at (630) 761-1976 or contact us at if you’d like to schedule a visit or just stop by. Michael Matuszek President – Consolidated Garage Doors Ltd.

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Garage Door Buying Guide

Whether you’re a new homeowner or are refreshing the look of your existing home, buying a garage door is an exciting opportunity for you to breathe new life into your home’s exterior. Many homeowners replace their garage door once in their lifetime, so finding the perfect mix of function, fashion, and affordability is an important part of the process. To help you make the decision best for your home, our buying guide offers a collection of garage door information below, including overviews of garage door styles, materials, insulation, brochures, garage door comparisons and more. We also offer information on how […]

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Ways to Prepare Your Garage Door for Spring in Illinois

When spring arrives, it’s a good idea to make sure the winter weather hasn’t taken its toll on your garage door. Preparing your garage door for spring ensures that it’ll work properly for the next several months so you won’t have to face any unexpected problems. Here are some different ways you can prep your garage door for the spring season. Check Your Garage Door Equipment for Wear and Tear Look out for these problems with your garage door: Frayed cables: Cables need to be intact to keep the garage door in the tracks. Frayed cables should be replaced right […]

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AC vs. DC Garage Door Opener Motors

Garage door openers have two power options — alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). AC currents are strong and can change direction, and DC currents flow in one direction and can be stored. Though AC and DC garage door motors both transform electricity into motion to open and close the garage door, they do so in different ways. Knowing the features and benefits of each garage door opener type will help you decide which kind your garage needs. Request an Estimate Click to Call Should You Buy an AC or DC Garage Door Motor? Consider the unique features of […]

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Amazon Garage Delivery FAQs

If you’re ordering from Amazon, your garage door and garage door opener can play a significant role in keeping your parcels and deliveries secure, even when you’re not home. The team at Consolidated Garage Doors put together this Amazon garage delivery FAQ to help you decide how to accept packages safely at your home. How Does Amazon Garage Delivery Work? Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery is a service provided by Amazon that allows shipping personnel to place your packages inside your garage. When you indicate you want this service, your Amazon delivery driver will notify you when they are arriving and […]

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A Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Garage Door Working

Knowing how to maintain your garage door can extend its life and improve its appearance, boosting your home’s curb appeal. This handy garage door maintenance checklist can help you take care of your garage doors so they stay reliable. How to Keep Your Garage Door Working Ideally, you should run through this garage door safety maintenance checklist every season or four times a year: Check your garage door owner’s manual for any instructions and maintenance recommendations specific to your model. Visually examine your garage door for anything that seems to be changed or worn since the last time you checked. Check […]

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Ways to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter in Illinois

Winter weather in Illinois can be tough on many aspects of your property, including your garage doors. Ice, snow, blowing winds and cold temperatures can directly impact the outer surface of your garage door and cause hardware to shrink. Springs are also more likely to break in winter. Knowing how to prepare your garage door for winter can minimize its damage and extend your garage door’s life. Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter Preparing a garage door for winter takes just a few steps: Do a quick inspection: Open and close your garage door a few times, listening for any strange […]

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The Most Common Garage Door Problems

A reliable garage door can ensure you have access to your garage whenever you need it. Regular maintenance can increase your garage door’s reliability, extend its life and give you valuable peace of mind.  Understanding the most common garage door problems and what you can do about them can help you keep your garage doors functioning soundly. Request Service Click to Call

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4 Benefits of myQ Technology

The home of the future isn’t in the future anymore. Today, many homes are outfitted with many smart devices. From digital assistants to remote-access locks, homeowners have plenty of choices when they want to make their lives easier and safer with technological advancements. Garage door systems are no exception. One product, myQ for garage doors, is one of the latest gadgets that people have started to request by name when upgrading their garage door systems. What Is the LiftMaster myQ? The myQ system is a Wi-Fi-enabled, subscription-free garage door opener that can attach to any new or existing garage door. […]

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What Is Garage Door R-Value?

If you’re considering adding a new insulated garage door to your home, you’ll see a lot about “R-value.” This term is used quite a bit in the garage door repair and replacement industry, but it can seem confusing if you haven’t upgraded your garage door before. This article will help you understand how to evaluate garage doors based on the R-value. The more you know about the R-value for garage doors, the more confident you’ll be when selecting a new insulated garage door. How the R-Value for a Garage Door Works The R-value is a number showing how well a […]

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