Reasons You Need a New Garage Door Opener

reasons you need a new garage door opener

Replace a worn or broken garage door opener with a LiftMaster opener from Consolidated Garage Doors to ensure your garage’s safety, security and convenience. At Consolidated Garage Doors, we provide high-quality garage door openers that offer reliable, durable and advanced features.

The garage door opener industry has seen significant advancement in recent years, particularly with DC-powered openers. By using DC power, garage doors are more efficient and provide quieter operation compared to traditional AC-powered motors. We offer a range of DC-powered garage door openers ideal for residential use.

Do You Need a New Garage Door Opener?

Functionality, convenience and security are essential for your garage door, and the opener makes those things possible. Below is a list of important reasons to replace your old garage door opener:

  • Security: Older garage door openers may not have the latest security features, such as a camera and the myQ phone app. 
  • Noise: Older garage door openers may make loud, annoying noises during operation.
  • Malfunctions: If your current garage door opener fails to open and close the door properly, it is time for a replacement.
  • Updated technology: Your garage door opener may not be compatible with the latest home automation and smart home technologies.
  • Energy efficiency: Outdated openers may use more energy than necessary, resulting in higher electricity bills.
  • Safety features: Modern garage door openers have safety features that ensure the door stops or reverses if it encounters an obstruction while closing. Some older models may not have all the features you desire.

LiftMaster® Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster is the superior garage door opener brand. These openers offer quality performance due to innovative technology. They are designed to gradually slow down in the first and last 6 inches of travel to minimize wear and tear on the door frame. This feature ensures the door operates smoothly and quietly, making this brand an ideal solution for your home.

LED Lighting System

The LED lighting system is an important advantage, as it provides illumination inside your garage, making it easier to see and work. LEDs also use less energy compared to traditional light bulbs, that may save money on your electric bill.

Battery Backup

Another essential feature of LiftMaster openers is their battery backup, as it ensures your garage door opener can continue operating during a power outage.

Camera Technology

Advanced camera technology provides an added layer of security. This feature allows you to remotely monitor who is entering and leaving your garage.

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