AC vs. DC Garage Door Opener Motors

Garage door openers have two power options — alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). AC currents are strong and can change direction, and DC currents flow in one direction and can be stored. Though AC and DC garage door motors both transform electricity into motion to open and close the garage door, they do so in different ways. Knowing the features and benefits of each garage door opener type will help you decide which kind your garage needs.

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Should You Buy an AC or DC Garage Door Motor?

Consider the unique features of each motor to decide whether you want an AC or DC garage door opener and which best fits your needs. Essential considerations include:

  • Technology: If you want to use new technology, like an app on your phone to control the garage door, you need a DC garage door opener. These types of motors are made to be modified to suit these components.
  • Power: Both DC and AC garage door openers offer sufficient horsepower to operate residential garage doors. If you think your garage door needs more power, AC motors have a stronger power current.
  • Brand: You may want to stick to what you know and buy a brand you’ve used before. Look at the models your preferred brand offers, and buy a garage door motor with the specifications you need.
  • Security: Garage door automation technology includes keyless entry, programmable settings and app-controlled features, so you can monitor and control your garage door no matter where you are. These features are more compatible with DC garage door openers.

AC Garage Door Opener

AC motors are the original garage door opener solution and have been in the industry longer than DC motors. AC motors have a lot of components in their large chassis, including a rotor and stator. In an AC garage door opener, the energy comes from magnetic fields generated through the coils wrapped around the output shaft. Transformers control the power and direction of the current, which is what opens and closes the garage door.

The benefits of an AC garage door motor include:

  • Durable build.
  • Few maintenance requirements.
  • Most likely to have a chain drive.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Large amounts of power.

DC Garage Door Opener

DC garage door openers entered the market as an alternative to AC motors. DC motors have shafts, bearings, gears and a gearbox in a small, lightweight chassis. The power comes from a generated source of power that provides constant voltage, like batteries. An electronic circuit board controls the amount of power the motor gets. As a result, you have better control of speed variation, control and torque, and the garage door opener can have a soft open and close feature.

The benefits of a DC garage door motor include:

  • Quiet operation.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Most likely to have a belt drive.
  • Battery backup and remote operation options.
  • Long-lasting brushless design.

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