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Garage Door Strut Repair

Garage Door Strut Repair in Northern Illinois

A strut is a metal bar that a professional can install inside your garage door to provide added support to your door.

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How to Tell If You Need Garage Door Strut Replacement

Why do you need a new strut on your garage door? If your garage door has been damaged and bent due to an impact, a repair professional may add a strut to help your door retain its original shape. You will have to replace your garage door eventually, but this fix can buy you a considerable amount of time before you need to act on this.

However, if your door sustains another impact that damages the strut, you will need to replace the strut if you are still not ready to replace the door. Also, if your strut appears to be buckling, you should call for repair or replacement quickly before it fails completely, potentially causing your door to bend or collapse.

How Consolidated Garage Doors Can Help You Repair a Garage Door Strut

If your garage door needs more support or security, the experts at Consolidated Garage Doors can install a strut for you. You can rely on SOLID SERVICE from our garage door experts every time. If your existing strut has sustained damage, we have the skills and tools to provide the repair you need in a complete and efficient fashion.

Benefits of Garage Door Strut Maintenance

Another thing you will wish to consider is regular garage door maintenance. We recommend setting up a regular schedule of maintenance at least once or twice a year. As part of our maintenance routine, we will check all the parts of your garage door, including any strut you may have. We will make sure no parts are damaged or wearing out, and that all moving parts are properly lubricated and free of debris.

This process can optimize the functionality of your garage door, providing smoother operation, potentially reducing the likelihood of a major repair and extending the life of your garage door.

Contact Consolidated Garage Doors for Repair, Replacement or Garage Door Installation

If you need garage door strut replacement in Batavia, Geneva or the surrounding areas in Northern Illinois, you can always rely on Consolidated Garage Doors. We are known for our SOLID SERVICE and have loyal customers going back three generations in some cases. For your strut repairs, contact us online or call (630)-761-1976 today.

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