Reasons You Need a New Garage Door Opener

Reasons You Need a New Garage Door Opener

reasons you need a new garage door opener

Replace a worn or broken garage door opener with a LiftMaster opener from Consolidated Garage Doors to ensure your garage’s safety, security and convenience. At Consolidated Garage Doors, we provide high-quality garage door openers that offer reliable, durable and advanced features.

The garage door opener industry has seen significant advancement in recent years, particularly with DC-powered openers. By using DC power, garage doors are more efficient and provide quieter operation compared to traditional AC-powered motors. We offer a range of DC-powered garage door openers ideal for residential use.

Do You Need a New Garage Door Opener?

Functionality, convenience and security are essential for your garage door, and the opener makes those things possible. Below is a list of important reasons to replace your old garage door opener:

  • Security: Older garage door openers may not have the latest security features, such as a camera and the myQ phone app. 
  • Noise: Older garage door openers may make loud, annoying noises during operation.
  • Malfunctions: If your current garage door opener fails to open and close the door properly, it is time for a replacement.
  • Updated technology: Your garage door opener may not be compatible with the latest home automation and smart home technologies.
  • Energy efficiency: Outdated openers may use more energy than necessary, resulting in higher electricity bills.
  • Safety features: Modern garage door openers have safety features that ensure the door stops or reverses if it encounters an obstruction while closing. Some older models may not have all the features you desire.

LiftMaster® Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster is the superior garage door opener brand. These openers offer quality performance due to innovative technology. They are designed to gradually slow down in the first and last 6 inches of travel to minimize wear and tear on the door frame. This feature ensures the door operates smoothly and quietly, making this brand an ideal solution for your home.

LED Lighting System

The LED lighting system is an important advantage, as it provides illumination inside your garage, making it easier to see and work. LEDs also use less energy compared to traditional light bulbs, that may save money on your electric bill.

Battery Backup

Another essential feature of LiftMaster openers is their battery backup, as it ensures your garage door opener can continue operating during a power outage.

Camera Technology

Advanced camera technology provides an added layer of security. This feature allows you to remotely monitor who is entering and leaving your garage.

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AC vs. DC Garage Door Opener Motors

Garage door openers have two power options — alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). AC currents are strong and can change direction, and DC currents flow in one direction and can be stored. Though AC and DC garage door motors both transform electricity into motion to open and close the garage door, they do so in different ways. Knowing the features and benefits of each garage door opener type will help you decide which kind your garage needs.

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Should You Buy an AC or DC Garage Door Motor?

Consider the unique features of each motor to decide whether you want an AC or DC garage door opener and which best fits your needs. Essential considerations include:

  • Technology: If you want to use new technology, like an app on your phone to control the garage door, you need a DC garage door opener. These types of motors are made to be modified to suit these components.
  • Power: Both DC and AC garage door openers offer sufficient horsepower to operate residential garage doors. If you think your garage door needs more power, AC motors have a stronger power current.
  • Brand: You may want to stick to what you know and buy a brand you’ve used before. Look at the models your preferred brand offers, and buy a garage door motor with the specifications you need.
  • Security: Garage door automation technology includes keyless entry, programmable settings and app-controlled features, so you can monitor and control your garage door no matter where you are. These features are more compatible with DC garage door openers.

AC Garage Door Opener

AC motors are the original garage door opener solution and have been in the industry longer than DC motors. AC motors have a lot of components in their large chassis, including a rotor and stator. In an AC garage door opener, the energy comes from magnetic fields generated through the coils wrapped around the output shaft. Transformers control the power and direction of the current, which is what opens and closes the garage door.

The benefits of an AC garage door motor include:

  • Durable build.
  • Few maintenance requirements.
  • Most likely to have a chain drive.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Large amounts of power.

DC Garage Door Opener

DC garage door openers entered the market as an alternative to AC motors. DC motors have shafts, bearings, gears and a gearbox in a small, lightweight chassis. The power comes from a generated source of power that provides constant voltage, like batteries. An electronic circuit board controls the amount of power the motor gets. As a result, you have better control of speed variation, control and torque, and the garage door opener can have a soft open and close feature.

The benefits of a DC garage door motor include:

  • Quiet operation.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Most likely to have a belt drive.
  • Battery backup and remote operation options.
  • Long-lasting brushless design.

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Amazon Garage Delivery FAQs

If you’re ordering from Amazon, your garage door and garage door opener can play a significant role in keeping your parcels and deliveries secure, even when you’re not home. The team at Consolidated Garage Doors put together this Amazon garage delivery FAQ to help you decide how to accept packages safely at your home.

How Does Amazon Garage Delivery Work?

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery is a service provided by Amazon that allows shipping personnel to place your packages inside your garage. When you indicate you want this service, your Amazon delivery driver will notify you when they are arriving and let you watch the delivery remotely if you wish.

With this service, the delivery driver will unlock your garage door using a scanner, place your delivery inside and send you a notification letting you know you can lock your door. It’s easiest to use Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery with a modern garage door opener with remote controls and added safety features. A solution such as a LiftMaster myQ garage door opener from Consolidated Garage Doors makes setting up Amazon garage delivery simple.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon Garage Delivery?

There are many reasons to invest in a garage door opener that supports Amazon garage delivery:

  • It protects your parcels from inclement weather and keeps them secure.
  • You have the option of watching the delivery to ensure it was completed correctly.
  • This service tells you exactly when your delivery arrives.
  • You can be away from home when your item arrives — and it will still be there when you return.
  • You can lock your doors or garage even when expecting a delivery.
  • Your package will remain in a climate-controlled environment, which can help preserve perishables.
  • You can control your delivery and garage door from any mobile device with the Key app, no matter where you are.

Am I Eligible?

To get Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, you must be a Prime member with a garage door that can work with the Key app. In addition, you must live in one of the cities or surrounding areas where Amazon in-garage delivery is currently available, and you need a device that can run the Key app.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have a garage door opener with myQ technology, you can download the Key app from any device. Sign in to your Key app using your Amazon username and password, then choose “Set up a residence” from the opening screen. Follow the instructions to set up your garage deliveries.

How Can Consolidated Garage Doors Help?

Consolidated Garage Doors is a family-run business that has offered SOLID SERVICE, SOLID SALES and SOLID PRODUCTS to homeowners for over 42 years. If you live in the areas surrounding Batavia, St. Charles or Geneva, Illinois, we can help you find the right garage door opener for Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery. We can even install it professionally so you have the security and functionality you need to get packages delivered safely to your home. Contact us today to get started!

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4 Benefits of myQ Technology

The home of the future isn’t in the future anymore. Today, many homes are outfitted with many smart devices. From digital assistants to remote-access locks, homeowners have plenty of choices when they want to make their lives easier and safer with technological advancements.

Garage door systems are no exception. One product, myQ for garage doors, is one of the latest gadgets that people have started to request by name when upgrading their garage door systems.

What Is the LiftMaster myQ?

The myQ system is a Wi-Fi-enabled, subscription-free garage door opener that can attach to any new or existing garage door. After professionals install the wireless garage door opener, the corresponding cloud-based app allows you to monitor your door and control when it is open or closed.

By adding a myQ garage door system, homeowners can improve the way they use their garage doors and minimize risks associated with what is likely the largest entry to their homes.

Benefits of myQ Garage Door Openers

If you’re comfortable with your standard garage door opener, you probably don’t think about all the ways that a garage door opener with myQ could improve your life. Here are just a few of the advantages to having an expert install a myQ opener:

  • You never have to wonder if your door is open or closed: We’ve all had the uncomfortable feeling that perhaps we left the garage door open after leaving the house. The connected myQ app works on your smartphone to show you if the door is open or shut. That way, you can close it promptly if you forgot.
  • You can open the garage door for petsitters or delivery people: Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to give out keys to your house? The myQ system can serve as a way to “buzz” anyone into your home upon their arrival. You can even schedule your garage door to open or close at certain times of the day to make the process even smoother.
  • You can hook up the myQ with some current smart home devices: If you have a Nest device, your myQ app can work with it. Getting more mileage out of every smart gadget for your house makes sense and improves your efficiency.
  • You can monitor two garages: Some families have more than one garage. The myQ app enables you to have complete control over two garage door systems at once.

The Simple Setup of a myQ Garage Door Opener

Old-fashioned garage door openers may still work, but they don’t offer the same level of convenience or security that smart garage door openers can. Whether you want peace of mind or to impress potential homebuyers and encourage higher bids, think about adding a LiftMaster myQ garage door opener to your garage.

Talk to one of our Consolidated Garage Doors team members about the myQ system today. Get in touch with us to request an estimate.

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8 Benefits of Upgrading to a New Garage Door Opener

With the advent of smart home technology, many household devices have seen remarkable improvements, and garage door openers are no exception. If you still have an old garage door opener, upgrading to a new model will make your life easier and your home safer in numerous ways.

To prove our point, here are eight top benefits of new automatic garage door openers:

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

These days, smart home technology assists us with more activities than we could have imagined a decade ago. Artificial intelligence (AI) bots like Siri and Alexa can turn our lights on and off, play our favorite music, send recipes to our phones, read bedtime stories to our children and operate garage doors.

While your first reaction to a Wi-Fi smart garage door opener might be to wonder if you really need a new garage door opener, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many times have you been running errands when you wondered, “Did I really shut my garage door?”
  • How often has the battery to your garage door opener died on you?
  • How many times have you dropped your opener into the crevices under your seat, where the spaces are too small to retrieve it? 

Once you get your Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener, it will be hard to imagine how you ever managed to live without one. Just like with any small gadget designed to make your life easier, your door opener will prove to be a valuable investment once it’s installed. With LiftMaster’s myQ-connected garage door openers, your phone becomes your garage door opener. You can turn on the lights and operate your door from anywhere. 

2. Enhanced Security for Your Home and Garage

An automated garage door can secure your house through various methods. One feature that comes with many automated garage doors is automatic lights, which help deter burglars and improve visibility when the weather is bad. Some other security features that come with many automatic garage door openers include the following.

Vacation Mode

Many systems come with a feature called vacation mode, which prevents your door from being opened while you’re gone for an extended period.

When set to vacation mode, burglars will be unable to break into your garage. Garage door remote controls can only operate on a limited number of frequencies. When burglars try to gain access to a home and burglarize it, they often attempt to open automatic garage doors with a device that uses every frequency combination. That allows them to enter the garage in just a few seconds. However, they are prevented from doing this when vacation mode is on.

Rolling Code Technology

The most modern garage door openers feature rolling code technology. This means the frequency changes constantly, so your garage doors won’t be vulnerable to the kind of hacking mentioned above. 

Guest Keypad Code Feature

With an automated garage door, you can also set a temporary keypad code for guests. This way, you won’t have to change your code constantly for security reasons. Instead, any time a guest needs to access your garage with your permission when you’re not there, you can create a temporary guest code for them. 

3. Increased Safety to Prevent Injuries

Garage doors are generally very heavy and tend to weigh over a hundred pounds. With all this weight over your garage’s entrance, you don’t want your garage door or opener breaking down, as this can seriously damage your vehicle. Much worse, your garage door could cause an injury.

Luckily, new automatic garage door openers come with various safety features to make these doors safer than ever. Some of the most useful features are listed below.

Non-Contact Photo Eye Sensors

The photo eye sensors on your garage door are perhaps the most critical safety feature. Photo eye sensors project a break beam along the bottom of the door to sense objects beneath the door. When the sensors identify an obstacle, the garage door will stop closing and reverse direction automatically. This safety feature keeps your door from causing injury before it makes contact with any obstructions.

The auto-reverse feature in modern garage doors openers is highly reliable. If you want to test whether it works properly, place a strong piece of lumber, such as a 2-by-4, where the garage door meets the floor when it closes. Then, close the door. When your door makes contact with the obstacle, it should automatically reverse. 

If it continues moving downward instead, this means the feature is not working. In this case, have a professional garage door technician come to fix it right away. 

Backup Batteries

When you have an automatic garage door opener, you might take your smooth, easy operation for granted. You pull up in your driveway, hit a button and the door opens before your very eyes. When a power outage strikes, it could be a different story.

If your garage door opener doesn’t have a battery backup, you’ll need to step out of the vehicle and open it by hand. If the power outage is due to a storm or freezing weather, you don’t want to be outside during this time of the season to open the door manually. If you’re parked in your garage during the outage and have somewhere to be, you may not have the time to figure out how to disconnect the opener and lift the door.

The high-tech garage doors from LiftMaster have battery backups in place to avoid this hassle. Even when the power goes out, you can still access your garage with the touch of a button or through your myQ-connected app.

Motion Detectors

This safety feature offers extra security in multiple ways. When a person or car crosses the path of the motion detectors located in your doorway, lights will turn on automatically and remain on for several minutes. 

One benefit of this lighting is that it provides you with increased visibility, which helps you step out of your vehicle without tripping or injuring yourself in some other fashion. 

Another benefit of these bright lights is that they’ll likely deter any burglars trying to break into your house through the garage. If they somehow manage to open the door, this will trigger the motion detectors, at which point most burglars will flee. Lighting, after all, is one of the most effective ways to scare off robbers. 

Manual Control

If you’re wondering why you’d ever need or want to lift your automatic garage door manually, we understand. However, there’s a reason why all new automatic garage doors come with an option to control them manually. 

This feature exists primarily to allow you to enter and exit your garage in the event of a power outage. If you need to get to work and there’s a power outage, you’ll be stuck unless you can lift your garage door manually.

The manual control feature allows you to bypass the opener’s motor and open your door by hand. To do this, you use the override feature, which disconnects the door from the electronic system. Since your door will stay on the tracks, you can lift it with your hands. Then, once the power comes back on, you can easily reconnect it to the electronic system. 

4. Energy Efficiency

If you’re considering whether you should buy a new garage door opener, this tip might be enough to convince you. Garage door openers consume relatively little energy, so they won’t significantly increase your energy bills. The most recent models consume even less power, which is another reason to buy a new garage door opener. You’ll receive a greater benefit from a system that costs you less money.

Some models also offer a solar panel-powered structure. While the upfront cost of this setup is higher, you will save money over time in the form of lower energy bills. 

5. Lighting for Your Garage

New automatic garage door openers come with built-in lights, which increase visibility in your garage and the path leading up to it. This lighting is extremely helpful when visibility is low, such as at night or during inclement weather. 

The LiftMaster 87504-267 model offers superior lighting options for your garage door opener. The 87504-267  model has Corner to Corner Lighting™, with 2,000 lumens. Plus, the backup battery means you won’t be in the dark, even during a power outage. LiftMaster also offers a mountable wall light to brighten any garage, also connected to the myQ app. At 1,500 lumens, the myQ remote LED light is 50% brighter than standard LEDs.

Through the myQ app, you can set a lighting schedule so you never have to pull up to a dark garage. The app can also enhance security by letting you turn lights on and off remotely, so your house will appear occupied even when you’re away.

6. Less Maintenance

Yet another benefit of new automatic garage door openers is that they require relatively little maintenance. However, always make sure to follow any maintenance tasks recommended by your manufacturer to keep your opener in top condition. 

7. Affordability

How much is an electric garage door opener? With all the convenient features mentioned above, you may assume automatic garage door openers are prohibitively expensive, but this is not the case. If you have a family, store lots of valuables in your garage and use your garage door frequently, an automatic door offers a tremendous amount of value for the price. 

8. Convenience 

Your life will be easier in multiple ways with a new garage door opener. Today’s modern smart garage door openers available from LiftMaster have many features that make life a little more convenient, such as:

  • Ultra-quiet operation: A noisy garage door is a nuisance. Older garage door openers tend to have loud, rattling operators you can hear throughout your house. With one of LiftMaster’s ultra-quiet motors, you don’t have to worry about disturbing or waking up your family when you use your garage door.
  • Away-from-home controls: Old garage door opener remotes have a limited range. With a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener, you can open and close your door even when you’re not home. If you’re away and unsure if you closed the door, you can quickly check its status from your myQ app and shut it. Your myQ app can even alert you if you’ve left your garage door open too long. If someone locks themselves out of the house, you can open your garage door to let them in even when you aren’t home.
  • Delivery protection: Does your neighborhood get the occasional porch pirate? LiftMaster garage doors offer Key by Amazon garage delivery integrations to protect your packages. When your delivery driver arrives, they can leave your Amazon Prime packages safely in your garage, which will close again as soon as they go. You’ll also get delivery alerts in real time.
  • Built-in camera: The LiftMaster 85503 has a built-in video camera. Whenever you receive a garage door open alert on your myQ app, you can tune into your security footage to see who is entering. You can rest assured your kids get home safe and look at the backlogs to see what time they got home. You can even use two-way audio to communicate with whoever is in your garage.
  • No remote needed: A traditional garage door opener remote is like another key to your home and is an easy target for theft. With a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door, all you’ll need to operate your garage door is your phone. Since you carry your phone with you wherever you go, your garage is more secure.

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Additional Advantages of an Automatic Door Opener

If you’re wondering whether you possess the tech-savviness to operate a smart garage door opener, the answer is yes. These devices are so user-friendly that anyone can operate them. Check out some additional benefits of purchasing an automatic garage door opener below.

It Provides You With Peace of Mind 

If your garage is attached to your house and you primarily enter and exit your home via this entryway, you can benefit from a smart garage door opener. Smart garage door products often allow you to monitor garage activity. 

If you have an app that controls your doors’ locks, you can also make sure your home is secure by using your phone to lock both doors in your garage — the garage door itself and the door connecting your garage to your house.

When you have a smart garage door opener, you can enjoy an added sense of safety and security. Having constant and unconditional access to your garage door’s status is a great benefit for those who spend much of their time away from home or have long commutes to work.

Whether you live in a neighborhood where several break-ins have occurred recently, or you just want to be extra careful, purchasing a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door provides you with peace of mind while you’re away from home. 

It Can Be Operated From Anywhere 

There are many smart garage door openers on the market, and virtually all of them can be operated from your smartphone, hence the word “smart” in their name. 

Apps made for smart garage door openers let you know whether your door is closed or open. If you’re out somewhere and find out you forgot to close your door, you won’t have to rush back home to do so. This convenience alone is enough reason to buy a smart garage door opener. 

Just imagine — you pull into the driveway, your garage opens up automatically and the lights in your home come on. The future we could only dream about — where our homes function automatically and adjust to our routines — has finally arrived. 

Even if you’ve only set up your smart home system partially — like locks, lighting, security systems or doorbells — why not add on a smart garage door? 

It Can Connect With Other Smart Devices 

Smart garage door openers can connect to Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit. There are a ton of AI-powered products on the market, but it’s simple to find high-quality ones that can connect with the devices you have already. 

Although being able to sync your smart home on a single platform is ideal, multiple third-party applications will let you hook up to the home assistants you’ve already established. When searching for a smart garage door opener, you can be as choosy as you want. Numerous products exist on the market, and most can integrate into your smart home. 

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MyQ® and Smartphone Garage Door Openers

One of the most exciting residential applications of modern technology is the MyQ app and smart garage door opener system from LiftMaster®. The MyQ app can dramatically increase the comfort, convenience and safety you enjoy when it comes to your garage door.

What Is the MyQ App?

The MyQ app is a program you download to your smartphone or another wireless-enabled device that, when activated and linked to your LiftMaster garage door opener, will give you complete control over your garage door from anywhere you can get a wireless signal.

The MyQ app alerts you to the status of your door at any time, letting you know whenever it opens or closes. It allows you to open or close the door wirelessly, whether you are nearby, at your office or on vacation in another state. You can even set it to open or close your door at a scheduled time.

Benefits of MyQ App Installation

The benefits of installing MyQ on your garage door are seemingly endless. You will never have to worry about whether or not you remembered to close the garage door when you leave for work or go on vacation. You can arrange it so your door opens automatically right as you return home.

You will never have to worry about someone entering your garage without authorization or without you knowing about it. You can also use this technology to let a child, spouse or guest into your home if they have locked themselves out, even if you yourself are not at home. Once you have used MyQ technology, you may wonder how you ever lived without it.

Install Wireless Garage Door Openers in Fox Valley and Throughout Northern Illinois With Consolidated Garage Door

If you’re looking for installation of smart garage door openers in St. Charles, Batavia and the surrounding areas, Consolidated Garage Doors is the company to call. We are a ProVantage LiftMaster dealer, which means we are extremely familiar with LiftMaster operating systems, including MyQ technology, and are especially qualified to help you choose and install the right system for you.

We also are well-known for our reputation of being SOLID since 1976®. This means we always provide our customers with SOLID SERVICE, SOLID SALES and SOLID PRODUCTS. It’s why this local family-owned company has enjoyed the loyalty of many of our customers for years, some even going back three generations.

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