Reasons to Add a Garage Door Camera

Security cameras are a constant presence these days. You can find them in public places, businesses and wherever else potential security and safety risks loom. A home’s garage is another area that could benefit from a security camera installation. 

The Benefits of a Security Camera in a Garage Door Opener

Advancements in technology now enable you to purchase a garage door opener with a camera to bolster your home security efforts. Installing these devices provides a host of benefits. 

1. Monitor a Vulnerable Area

Unauthorized individuals often select the garage as an entry point to the rest of the home. Or, if your property contains a detached garage, they may choose it as their target, especially if it’s far away or out of sight from the house. A security camera in your garage allows you to monitor this area, even if it’s out of your sightline. 

2. Track Arrivals and Departures

A garage door opener camera can take a photo every time someone opens or closes the door. If you discover a break-in or items missing from your garage, you can check the recordings to see if an unauthorized individual entered the area. 

3. Implement Remote Monitoring and Control

Many openers provide access to smart technology that allows you to monitor and control its functions from a remote location. Suppose you arrive at work and suddenly realize you might have left the garage door open. You can use your smartphone or tablet to check the camera feed and close the door with a quick key tap. You can also open the door to allow a delivery person inside to drop off a package, then close it after the individual leaves. 

4. Receive Instant Alerts

Another advantage of a garage door opener camera with smart technology is that you can receive an immediate alert on your mobile device whenever someone attempts to enter your garage. You can then check to see if the individual is a family member or an unwanted guest. 

5. Gain Night Vision Capabilities

While some burglars ply their trade during the day when no one is home, others prefer the cover of darkness. A garage door opener with a camera can provide clear night vision so you can see intruders in the dark. If you detect an uninvited nighttime visitor, you can call for help without needing to inspect the area. You can also see if nocturnal animals are attempting to seek shelter inside your garage. 

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