Is It Safe to Repair a Garage Door Yourself?

Although you might be an avid DIYer, you should never attempt to repair a garage door yourself. Even if you love DIY projects and are generally handy, garage door installation and repair professionals caution against fiddling around with the inner workings of any garage door system. The issue isn’t that you’re not good at working with tools or solving problems. It’s that diagnosing garage door problems can be tricky. Additionally, it is dangerous to fix a garage door yourself. You could put yourself and other members of your family at risk.

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5 Potential Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repairs

Why shouldn’t you try to assess and solve garage door concerns yourself? Here are the top five do-it-yourself garage door repair dangers:

  • Electricity: Any time you’re dealing with electricity, you could get a nasty shock. Even if you think you’ve turned off the flow of electricity to your garage, you could be mistaken.
  • Tools: Ordinary tools don’t always work for garage door repairs. Trying to use the tools you’re familiar with could damage the system, and learning how to use an unfamiliar tool on the fly can lead to poor quality work.
  • Warranties: Your garage door opener came with a warranty when it was new. Generally speaking, doing any DIY repairs will void your warranty. Eager homeowners often find that their garage door opener warranties aren’t valid anymore because they tinkered with the components rather than hiring a professional.
  • Clutter: Your garage might not be the neatest place in your house. If you have kids or pets, they might keep coming in and out of the garage while you’re trying to work. This is not a safe space for garage door work, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re doing.
  • Training: Maybe you were able to install your dishwasher or new sink successfully last year. However, being able to do some DIY activities doesn’t mean you can do them all. Repairing garage door systems requires on-the-job training. Without this training, you’ll likely wind up wishing you had called a professional. 

A Few Garage Door Tasks You Can DIY

You don’t have to sit by and do nothing with your garage door. There are a few repairs and maintenance items you can handle yourself.

The first is keeping your garage door clean and free of debris. Periodically, wash down the part of your garage door facing the outside. Give it a good scrub, particularly in the spring and fall. Make sure that nothing is sticking on it, such as dead leaves or bird droppings.

The second is painting your garage door. Many homeowners give their garage doors a fresh coat of paint every few years. This is a terrific DIY garage door job that won’t put you in any danger, as long as your space is well-ventilated and you use proper paint safety measures.

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If your garage door squeaks loudly or has stopped working consistently, get in touch with a professional at Consolidated Garage Doors. When your garage door needs servicing or repairs,contact Consolidated Garage Doors.

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