Ways to Prepare Your Garage Door for Spring in Illinois

Illinois often experiences harsh winters, with an average snowfall between 10 and 36 inches per year. When spring arrives, it’s a good idea to make sure the winter weather hasn’t taken its toll on your garage door. Preparing your garage door for spring ensures that it’ll work properly for the next several months so you won’t have to face any unexpected problems.

Here are some different ways you can prep your garage door for the spring season.

Do Basic Garage Door Maintenance

Essential maintenance includes checking the safety features, looking for damage and doing whatever maintenance is required. While you can do some maintenance on your own, an experienced professional should perform themore complicated services. Look out for these problems with your garage door:

  • Worn or frayed cables
  • Broken or rusty metal parts
  • Cracked or damaged panels
  • Loose bolts or screws in the track brackets
  • Damaged weather stripping
  • Bent tracks

Prepare for Power Outages

The springtime is known for severe weather that can cause power outages. Make sure your garage door will remain operational by using the manual release lever to disengage the opener from the garage. You can also rely on backup batteries if you have them.

Prevent Garage Flooding

If your area gets heavy rainfall or flooding, there’s a risk that this water will get into your garage and cause damage. Make sure your garage is sealed and capable of redirecting water away from your home. Flood prevention methods include:

  • Replacing damaged weather stripping at the bottom of the door.
  • Filling cracks in the foundation with concrete vinyl patches.
  • Laying sandbags around the foundation to redirect water.
  • Grading your lawn away from the exterior of your home.
  • Digging a dry ditch to divert water.
  • Installing a French drain outside the garage door.

Do a Garage Spring Cleaning

The simplest way to prepare your garage for spring is to clean your garage door inside and out. Since your garage door opens to the outdoors, it’s constantly exposed to harsh elements all year long, particularly in the wintertime. Your garage can fill with dirt, grime and dust, which can affect the components of your garage door.

A thorough garage spring cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning the garage door: Rinse the grim off your garage door with a hose. Then, wash the door with water, dish soap and a soft brush or rag, starting at the top and working your way down. Finish with another rinse to wash the soap suds off. Use this method for the inside and outside of the door.
  • Cleaning the inside of the garage door: Dust all the surfaces, clear away cobwebs and sweep the floor. Use hot soapy water to get the floor clean and use a power washer on tough stains.
  • Organizing and removing clutter: Organize all the tools in your garage in a way that makes sense for you, like labeling storage bins, keeping like items together and locking chemicals in a cabinet.

Remember to avoid cleaning moving parts with water because it could cause the parts to rust or get damaged.

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